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Society of Creative Anachronism

Welcome to the Barony of Brendoken. We are a chapter of the Society for Creative Anachronism covering Portage, Summit, Stark, Tuscarawas, Carroll, Holmes, Wayne, Medina, Ashland, Crawford, Morrow and Richland Counties. Click the Calendar link to the left to learn about where and when our meetings and events are held.

A map of the Barony

Our Heraldry
including our blazon, a high resolution image of our heraldry as well as a black and white Line drawing.

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Mission Statement for the Barony of Brendoken

Goal: For the groups within the barony (currently Alderford, Gwyntarian, Thistle and Three Towers) to maintain a cohesive, inclusive baronial unit that:
  • Is accountable to the populace first and always
  • That does not direct the focus or energies of the local groups (local groups will not be superceded by the barony)
  • Gives equal weight to the arts, martial arts, and service
  • Aims for complete communication of baronial policies and activities
  • Has a populace willing to take responsibility for speaking to important issues--and that they know that even if one takes an unpopular stand, one's voice will be heard
  • The populace should be comfortable to come to any baronial officer, up to and including the seneschal, to discuss either in private or in public, issues of importance
  • Has officers that understand that it is expected to bring news, good or bad, and issues, good or bad, to the group so that all may assist in baronial governance

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