The Current Champions are:

Bardic - Eadaoin Ghormshuileach (Melissa Roubo)
Archery - Adrian Rannvaeigson (Adrian Eidsmoe)
Armored - Marellus Kilianus (Mark Terlosky)
Rapier - Lorenzo Calabrese (Jonathon Nicolazzo)
Thrown Weapons - Nadjehzea Eskilsdottir (Nadia Eidsmoe)
A&S - Margery Carter (Dianne Rail)

Read the Responsibilities of the Champions HERE.

Rapier Fighting Challenge
by Lorenzo Calabrese

A champion must tirelessly serve Their Excellencies both on and off the battlefield, so this tournament will test the candidates' endurance as well as their prowess.
It will be a Bear Pit; each fight, the winner earns two points and stays to fight again while the loser earns one point and gets back in the queue. Anyone who wins three consecutive fights returns to the queue.
A champion must also be prepared to take up arms and protect Their Excellencies at any moment, so They and the marshal will occasionally move people to the front of the queue to fight immediately.

Target Archery Challenge
by Adrian Rannvaeigson:

At the 5 yards there are 10 stuffed animals, shoot it and keep it and get 1 point per animal!

Ten yards from the shooting line is a warrior with a shield and a sword
The right leg of the warrior is 1 point
The right arm of the warrior is 2 points
The body of the warrior is 3 points
And the head is 5 points
The shield is -2 points
The sword is 4 points

At the 20 yards and 30 yards there is a warrior.
Making it look like they are side by side
The right leg of the warriors is 1 point
The right arm of the warriors is 2 points
The body of the warriors is 3 points
And the head is 5 points
The shield is -2 points
The sword is 4 points

Who ever gets the most points wins.

Thrown Weapons:
by Nadjehzea Eskilsdottir:

Each person is handed a playing card with a number.
There will be playing cards on the target that will need to be hit to get the next card.
Every person will have to hit at least one card to stay in the game.
After that it will be up to the player to chance their luck.
If player goes over 21 they are out.
The person who gets the closest to 21 wins.

This is based on the card game 21.

Baronial Armored Champions Tourney
by Marellus Kilianus:

Round Robin format – All of those that desire to be the Brendoken Armored Champion shall fight all participating fighters of the day fight. Due to attendance if multiple rounds are fought, alternate weapon styles are to be used to fight for those desiring to be champion. Extra combatants can swap at their desire.

The current Brendoken Armored Champion also encourages participation in other activities in the day as well as individual discussions on views regarding the accolade.

Glory of Brendoken A&S Competition
by Margery Carter:

A&S Competition to show of the best of what Brendoken has to offer. Submit your favorite A&S project in Hunter/Sable or with the Brendoken Heraldry (Star, Shield/Star, etc.) Documentation is highly recommended but not necessary. Voting is done by populace bean count, with each member using 3 beads to vote.

Baronial Bardic Championship Challenge
by Éadaoin Ghormshúleach:

All good gentles desiring to compete for the honor of being Brendoken’s Bardic Champion, pay heed. The challenge I set before you is thus:
Perform two pieces for Their Most Excellent Excellencies’ pleasure. The categories you may choose your pieces from will be storytelling, poetry, and song. Choose you one from two of the three categories. Each must be five minutes or less in length.
If you are one whose fires of ambition burn so high that you indeed seek to meet this challenge, please contact Baron John Roslyn the Ox, Baroness Cerridwen verch Ioreword, or myself in advance of the day of competition.