10am – List opens for inspections and pick ups
11am – Authorizations in conjunction with MiT class
1pm – Rock Paper Scissor Tournament – This is the official one, but will likely run again later pending interest.
Rock Paper Scissors Tournament – Bear Pit Style – participants will draw a token identifying them as either Rock, Paper or Scissors.
If you lose to the Bear on the list AND the Bear has the token that beats your token, you are out.
If you lose to the Bear on the list BUT tie or beat the Bear’s token then your token changes based on what token that Bear has and you get back in line.
If you beat the Bear on the list AND your token beats the Bear’s token, the Bear is out, otherwise former Bear gets in line as a contender.
Double kills will be refought. First Bear is the top name on the sheet at start of Tournament.


10-11 Inspections and Authorizations.
11-12 Barrier Tournament
12-3:30 Melee Scenarios
4:00 List Closes

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