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PREAMBLE: To all good gentlefolk of the Knowne World, greetings. We, Alexander of Hawkwood and Catriona nicHugh Mclaey, Baron and Baroness of the Barony of Brendoken, right mindful of the desire of our people to better order the affairs of this land, do hereby summon all to hear these words, which we declare to be our true will, in accordance with the will of Their Majesties of the Middle Kingdom.

SECTION ONE: We hold these lands as a Landed Barony of the Society for Creative Anachronism, in fiefdom to Their Majesties. The name of this Barony shall be Brendoken, to include the Marches of Alderford, Gwyntarian, Thistle and Three Towers. In common parlance, this shall be understood to encompass in the State of Ohio the Counties of Stark, Carroll, Summit, Portage, Medina, Wayne, Crawford, Morrow, Richland, Ashland, Holmes, and Tuscarawas.

SECTION TWO: As this Barony is a branch of the Society for Creative Anachronism, we are mindful of the responsibilities incumbent upon us toward the Society as a whole. As such, we freely acknowledge that we and all our people are subject to all relevant regulations and laws of the Society for Creative Anachronism and the Middle Kingdom; and that in the event of conflict, Society rulings supersede Kingdom. Furthermore, we also acknowledge our responsibilities to civil authority, and recognize that civil law shall supersede both Society and Kingdom. We also are mindful of our responsibility to the groups within the Barony. They are now, and ever shall be, in equal association with one another and to our barony.

SECTION THREE: To better organize activities within our lands, The Society for Creative Anachronism requires that certain offices be established to assist us. As per Middle Kingdom policy, these offices are: Seneschal, Exchequer, Pursuivant and Chronicler. Other offices may be created by the Barony, pursuant to Society and Kingdom policy. All officers will discharge the duties of their office as per the handbook for the office, and shall be responsible to their regional and Kingdom superiors. These officers are to seek out their local equivalent officers in order to maintain communication, including report information.

SECTION FOUR: In addition to supporting local group events, we shall endorse the creation of Baronial events. A Baronial event shall include activities that will benefit the Barony as a whole. To hold a Baronial event, a written proposal is required to be submitted in accordance with the event proposal policy of the Baronial seneschal. Approval of the event will be made by the baronial seneschal in conjunction with the Baron and Baroness. The distribution of net profits and losses from a Baronial event shall be stipulated in advance as part of the event proposal.

SECTION FIVE: It is our resolve that there shall be at least one Baronial meeting per quarter. These meetings shall be announced in advance in accordance with SCA policies for such announcements.

SECTION SIX: We agree that the Baron and Baroness shall have terms in their office of five years, with the ability to extend their time should they and the populace desire it in accordance with Kingdom policy. We strongly urge that officers be held to the general Kingdom practice of three year terms in office, with an option for yearly extensions, should the concerned individuals be willing.

SECTION SEVEN: It is recognized that as our community grows and develops, circumstances may warrant changes to this charter. Be it enacted, therefore, that changes can be brought up for discussion and possible action at Baronial meetings at which the Baron and/or Baroness are present. In such instances, changes to the charter will be made by the Baron and Baroness with consultation from the seneschals of the participating groups and the baronial officers as representatives of the populace. Be it further enacted that a complete review of the Charter is required upon the succession to the Baronial Seat.

May all approach, and bear witness therefore, to the setting of our hand and seal to this. our Great Charter of the Barony of Brendoken. Done this 21st day of February, Anno Societatis 38. at the Masque of Courtly Love in the Marche of Alderford.

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