October 12, 2013

The Living Water Community Church
200 Kurzen Rd. N.
Dalton, Ohio 44618

Event site opens at 10:00
and closes at 7:00

Directions and Map

Whether you've just heard of the SCA, you’re a brand new member, or you’ve been a member for a few years but still have many questions, this event is for you. Come join us for a day of learning what the SCA can offer you – from the arts and sciences to combat to what’s happening in court – even how to eat a feast.

Site Fees:

Members $5.00

Non-members pay $5.00 site fee plus the $5.00 non-member surcharge.* This can be reduced to a $5.00 total with a reservation sent to dragonsquest2@yahoo.com by October 5, 2011

Children 6-12 years of age $2.50
Children under 6 are free

* the non-member surcharge is a fee charged by SCA Inc. The proceeds from that fee go to the corporation, they do not remain with the local group.

$10.00 (under 12 half price)
Make checks payable to the Barony of Brendoken

To reserve a feast seat, send an e-mail to Terentia Faustina (Carrie Harviel) at mr_mrs_funk@hotmail.com

Scavenger Hunt:

Dragon's have been known to hoard treasure but with the help of the Citizens of Brendoken a Barony of the Middle Kingdom some of it will go home in your pocket. On the Quest for Knowledge for every puzzle solved you will receive a token of beauty and worth to add to your treasure chest.